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What we dostart your project

We’re a video production company operating in a world where just one buzzing video can lead to a swarm of energy and social following.



From creative concepts and storyboarding to permits and logistics, our dynamic in-house teams will ensure a smooth and full-filling production experience.

Video Production

Whatever form of video you are looking for to orchestrate your story, our team of videographers are able to film to suit your needs and requirements.

Production Services

Looking to bring your crew to film in Thailand? We offer full production services from logistics and coordination to accommodation and catering.


The phase where all the magic happens and where your story starts to take shape. We support with editing, compositing, colour grading, graphics – you name it.


The time to invest in video was yesterday.

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Little Bee Productions, a Benetone Creative Group Company, is a full service video production company based in the heart of Bangkok, Thailand. With a passion for creative and buzzing storytelling, our experienced team are able to produce a full spectrum of engaging and memorable videos from social and corporate videos to commercials and short-films. Our in-house team are able to support you throughout the filming process from pre-production and filming to post production. In addition to video production, Little Bee Productions offers production services.

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Pricing Made Simple.

We believe pricing shouldn’t be as sophisticated as the video production process. At Little Bee Productions, we are all about ease, transparency and making things happen!

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