Video Production in Thailand


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Why Thailand?

Aside from being one of the world‘s best tourist destinations, Thailand is a great destination for filmmakers and video production. The availability of diverse locations, budget-friendly production costs, and a mature domestic film industry have made Thailand an attractive location for many Hollywood and Bollywood films, as well as many other foreign productions.


Thailand has a large number of experienced local crews that are highly skilled and familiar with working on international productions. They bring with them a wealth of technical and local knowledge and their expertise will certainly be an asset to any filmmaker shooting in Thailand.

The video production service business in Thailand is rapidly growing and will be able to facilitate more foreign film productions. These organisations all work to international standards and are fully equipped to provide a professional, efficient and, of course, friendly service.


Whether a production calls for Thailand‘s abundant natural splendor, it’s historical towns, or perhaps the glamour of its towering skyscrapers – our in-house location managers have got you covered

The availability of elephants, exotic jungle and beach settings have made Thailand an attractive location for many Hollywood and Bollywood films and other international productions.

It is a point of pride that Thailand is the hub of post-production in Southeast Asia and offers high-quality services with value for the money. The country continuously upgrades its digital platforms and tools with up-to-date technology and dedication to achieving the perfect final cut. 


Thailand has an uncompromising dedication to service, a promise to surprise and delight clients, even when faced with unexpected challenges.

Thai staff are service-minded by nature. Their kindness and generosity turn our support into a one-stop service, one in which the staff are ready to assist you beyond the duties of their job. 

Production and living costs in Thailand are significantly lower than in other parts of the world such as the USA. The ATA Carnet Law in Thailand means that all professional equipment can be brought into Thailand for short term use without having to pay tax.

In addition to this, the general living costs in Thailand are very low, which helps to keep production costs down.


One of the many reasons why Thailand has become a major destination for video production is because of the convenient facilities that are spread across the country, which cater to even the most complex of productions.


Timely Approvals

Anyone looking to seek permission to film and produce videos in Thailand need to apply to the Film Board of Thailand.

The board assures that filmmakers who supply all of the required documents and information will be granted full permission in a timely manner. 

The team at Little Bee Productions are able to support your crew through this process to ensure a smooth and efficient production experience in Thailand.

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